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Chances are if you find yourself here, you or someone close to you has been charged with a DUI. You have very little time to get the ball rolling before you begin to feel the acute consequences of a DUI charge. You must seek the advice of a qualified Seattle DUI attorney immediately.

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At Bradley Johnson Attorneys we know that times are tough for the people of Washington State. Our firm is genuinely dedicated to finding a way to make our first-rate DUI defense accessible to everyone, through great understanding and flexible payment plans.
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The Seattle DUI lawyers and staff at Bradley Johnson Attorneys are committed to providing exceptional DUI help with unparalleled client service. Communication, individualized attention, and first-rate DUI knowledge are the keys to our shared success, and the pillars of our practice.

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Bradley Johnson Attorneys is a leader in the field of DUI defense. If you have a Seattle DUI charge, you can trust our Seattle DUI lawyers to give you the representation you need.

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