DUI Attorneys

The right DUI attorney must have experience, and must be willing to fight to secure the best possible result in your DUI case.

At Bradley Johnson Attorneys our Seattle DUI lawyers have both of these qualities, and our whole firm takes pride in helping every person charged with DUI who comes to us for help.

Unlike many other DUI law firms, we don’t just make promises about how we will help you, our DUI lawyers follow through. The Seattle DUI attorneys at our firm are highly skilled in negotiating on behalf of our clients, and 95% of our DUI cases are negotiated and settled effectively, without having to go to trial.

Nevertheless our DUI attorneys will go to trial if you choose to do so, and we are second to none in the courtroom.

We understand that choosing the right Seattle DUI attorney can be a daunting task. An easy way to ensure that you receive the best possible DUI help is to speak with a well-known, and well-respected Seattle DUI law firm.

At Bradley Johnson Attorneys many of our DUI clients are referred to us by fellow attorneys and previous clients, and we take pride in the fact that people trust us enough to handle DUI cases for their friends and family.

One of the major concerns when retaining a Seattle DUI lawyer is cost. At Bradley Johnson Attorneys our rates are not only affordable, but we are dedicated to helping those in need of DUI help no matter what it takes. We will work on payment plans if you need them, and our rates are highly competitive. Lastly, we are so confident in our ability to obtain successful results, we charge one flat fee, no matter how long negotiations take.

Make the right decision; give Bradley Johnson Attorneys a call today.